Birmingham Enterprise Community

Birmingham Enterprise Community​ (BEC) is a community of emerging entrepreneurs and change-makers from across the Midlands region in the UK that aims to​ make the region one of the best locations in the world to set up and run a business​. Formed in 2019 after a group of enterprising students from all 5 Birmingham Universities came together to discuss ways of uniting their respective student communities, BEC looks to​ create opportunities for individuals to develop as entrepreneurs, work on their ideas, expand their networks, collaborate with others and turn the ideas that they have for a startup or to make an impact into a reality.​ This starts with a number of grassroots initiatives designed to drive aspiration from inspiration ​including talks, events, experiences and development opportunities. Additionally, BEC has worked with its partners on ​addressing barriers to entrepreneurship​ by understanding the needs of its community to find those factors that affect accessibility to engaging in entrepreneurial activity and then working with thought-leaders, institutions and members of the community to find actionable solutions that ​open doors and create opportunities that are open to all​.

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