We were founded back in 2008 pioneering the European accelerator space with a rebellious spirit and lofty objective: To take great technologies of tomorrow and even greater teams under our wing to make them fly. This is still our mission today.Building on our knowledge, we believe that talent is the key to where it all begins: Skilled people with an entrepreneurial drive to challenge the status quo can be found at home, working in their sheds, labs or on their laptops. However, not all of them are visible at a glance. Our ability to spot these people and nurture their ideas and talent is the most meaningful task you can take on and we are dedicated to that.With an experienced team of serial entrepreneurs, VC’s and corporate innovators, we’ve been around the block and seen it all. On our own, we’re good but together we are great. And most important: We fill in the gaps applying our skills, also at the intersection of our different industries.Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve been awarded several times as one of the world’s best accelerators, and our CEO is listed among the Top 100 most influential tech accelerator leaders globally.We know that in a continually changing world, we also need to stay on top of new trends and cutting edge technologies to be successful. Our aim is to share our insights and knowledge on entrepreneurship as we learn. It’s a top priority because we believe that it’s only by increasing the quality of the entire startup ecosystem that the real impact will be realized.

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Accelerator, Pre-Seed
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FinTech,Sustainability / CleaTech
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