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The START Demo Day will be held exclusively online to overcome the current risks of the pandemic and to reach all European startups and investors.

The event will be hosted on which is a platform that includes all features you would expect at a physical event such as a stage, smaller interactive sessions, an expo and most importantly networking. In the access page we offer you a guide on the most important features you will need to know. If you have any further questions or technical problems we are always available to help out.

Sign in

A few days before the event starts, you will receive the login details for your account. Link for the event:

Click on Log In (Top right corner) with the details provided by the SDD team > Log In


After Logging/Sign in > Click on top-right corner (account initials in blue circle)
> Click on Profile

Change the EMAIL Address to your Official email address.
Do Not Change the Password.

Add your:
- Profile picture/Avatar,
- First/Last Name,
- LinkedIn Profile Link
- Headline/Bio

Don't forget to save!


THE Platform


On the Day of the Event, Login using your updated account details on

Reception Area

The Reception Area showcases the overview of the event, our sponsors and partners at START Demo Day as well as the overall schedule of the event.

Event Chat

On the right, is the general Event Chat where all participants of the SDD can communicate. Links to polls will also be shared in the chat. They will be used for the pitch competition voting and for other interesting event-related questions.


On the left side are the various sections of the event (Reception, Stage, Sessions, Networking, Expo).


The STAGE will showcase the Keynote Speakers and direct communication from the START Demo Day team to all the participants.


The SESSIONS section will show the list of 1-on-1 Sessions, Masterclasses and Sponsors to participate and interact.


The Network section will open up as per the event schedule where participants can connect, discuss & network with other event attendees on a random matching roulette.


The EXPO will have our Event Partners who will be showcasing their products/services in the booth.

Asked Question

We try to keep our website as concise and easy to understand as possible. If you still have some questions we hope that these common issues help you better understand how the event works. For additional questions you can find our contact-information at the bottom of the page.
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What is the goal of START Demo Day?

START Demo Day aims to create the perfect environment for efficient matching of great ideas with the necessary capital and expertise in the challenging post-corona times.

I just registered for the event - what's next?

You will get a registration confirmation that we also use to verify your identity. We will ask you to provide a logo we can use for website and give you a chance to review the information you submitted. Afterwards you can relax until three weeks prior to the event when we send you a list with all startups that want to book a meeting with you.

When will the 1-on-1 Meetings take place?

The 1-on-1 meetings will take place in three blocks with 4 slots each. The first one will be in the morning and the other two will be in the afternoon. We send out the exact dates when the schedule is fixed.

How does the scheduling work?

Basically we do all the work: You get a list with startups that are interested in talking to you and select 20 of them which you would like to meet. We will do the scheduling and send you a fixed schedule before the event.

What do i get for participating?

Prior to the event you will receive a list with all startups interested in talking to you and after the event you will get the complete list of all participating startups.

Why are you doing this online?

Due to the Corona circumstances, we aren’t able to host a physical event with hundreds of participants. We decided not to give up and transferred the entire event online.

What happens with my information?

We will build a small Investor Database where the information from the Registration form will be displayed in order to make it easy for the attending startups to find the right investor for their business.

Who organizes this?

It is organised by START Network, a syndicate of 9 chapters from all over Europe facilitating entrepreneurial spirit among european students. The network was founded in St. Gallen in 1996 and today comprises over 300 members in 6 different countries.


What does my START Demo Day Ticket entitle me to?

Your ticket admits you to join the event on the 25th of August. You are able to access all Masterclasses, Q&A Sessions, Pitch Competition, General Networking and 1-on-1s with Investors in case they also select your idea.

What does my General Admission Ticket entitle me to?

Your ticket admits you to join on the 25th of August. You are able to access all the Masterclasses, Q&A Sessions, General Networking and attend the Pitch Competition as an observer.

The main difference between tickets is the option to speak to different types of investors. For example, you probably don’t want to talk to the growth VCs at the beginning of your business.

Pre-Seed Stage: application options including accelerators, angels and pre-seed VCs
Seed Stage:  application options including seed stage VCs
Series Stage: application options including growth VCs

Does the application guarantee me a Ticket? 

No, it’s only an application. After we checked your application we will let you know within 72 hours whether you are able to join the event with a START Demo Day Ticket and send you the link to purchase your ticket. Otherwise you can purchase a general admission Ticket.

How many Tickets can I purchase?

Every startup can purchase one ticket. Buying more tickets will not give you more speed date slots. Nevertheless if there are too many VC’s who want to talk to your startup we will make sure to send you a second ticket for your partner.

How can I participate in the Pitch Competition?

You have to click on the ‘I want to participate in Pitch Competition button’ during the application and afterwards send us your link with the uploaded video. That could be an unlisted youtube video, google drive or dropbox link. In case your video is selected, we will broadcast it during the pitch competition and you will have a chance to answer audience questions. 

How are Investor 1-1s working?

We will send you an email at the beginning of August where you can select the VCs you want to talk to. Afterwards we will matchmake you with the VCs and send you your personal schedule. Each 1-1 will take 10 minutes. Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee you the 1-1s if your idea is not selected by VC partners.

Can I choose which Investor I want to speak to?

Yes, but it isn’t guaranteed that you can speak with the investor of your choice, as they also need to select your idea beforehand. 

Why should I participate if I don't get a 1-on-1 Slot?

We will still share your idea with ALL investors, so they will keep you in the loop. During the event you can share your idea at the pitch competition, networking with investors and learn how to improve it in multiple workshops.